Obama The Tinkertoy President

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How are you affected by the ineptness, lack of ability, lack of intelligence, lying and constant deceit, ideology of a narcissist, irreligious non-Christian, lack of character of our nation’s impostor/president? If you don’t think it does you any harm, then read about the national debt!! It is yours’ to pay and maintain; it is so huge and your share so big, it probably wiped out the equity in your home that you have worked for the past 20 or 30 years. Yes, you own and will pay for the national debt. It is not somebody else’s; IT IS YOURS as well as your neighbor’s.


About Chock Daniel Creations

Educated as a teacher. Taught school, started horticultural education and experiments. Served in the Finance Corps in World War II, physically impaired in Service. Post-service employed in accounting. Became a horticulturist, newspaper writer and editor. Spent ten years in local government. Studied psychology and psychiatry.



Obama is a living lie. He was conceived before his parents were married, his father a bigamist. Probably a product of raging sexist beatniks. No religion, of course as normal parents want to get married so they can legitimately reproduce. The father a radical, raving communist, and the mother a far out liberal who believed you did not have to get married to have children. She had absurd ideas. Way out. Not normal. Although Obama characterized her as being religious, his standards for being religious would be questionable at best. Most people believe he is an atheist. That’s the direct opposite of Christian or basically religious at heart.


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